Rocky Meowtain Team

Rocky Meowtain is a cat Foster home in Calgary. We adopt cats and accept surrenders with an application that you can receive by request by emailing
We are a team of Calgarians who are interested in helping cat owners alleviate their kitty behahaviour woes and help restore harmony in the home!

Stephanie Chamberlain

Cat Consultant

Stephanie Chamberlain is originally from Newfoundland, and relocated to Calgary in 2007. She is a self-described crazy cat lady, and has been an avid cat fan all of her life. Her current rescue cats include When Stephanie’s not wrangling cats, she’s wrangling kids as a Grade Three French Immersion Teacher.

Animal Behaviourist Society Member

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Colby Briard

Indoor Catification Specialist

Colby grew up with dogs, but once he lives with cats, he fell in love. He loves to change living spaces to accommodate’s a cat’s needs, and loves to figure out how to set up space using a cat’s eye view. He comes from Grande Prairie as has called Calgary home for the last 19 years . His greatest passion is disc golf, and he spends most of his free time on the course.

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Katy Cotton

Outdoor Catification Expert

Katy Cotton is a born and raised Calgarian, cat enthusiast and frequently requested fur baby sitter. She has been around cats since the age of 8 and is familiar with their quirky personalities.

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Theodore and Penelope

Upper Meownagement

Penelope (left) and Theo (right) are the resident cats at Rocky Meowtain. They are both 4-years-old and love to socialize with other kittens… Theo moreso than Penny! Penny enjoys long naps in her bed and pets when she’s in the mood. Theo likes to race around on his cat bridge and tree, as well as ask for treats by acting cute next to where the treats are kept.

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