Rocky Meowtain Foster Cats

Current Cats staying at Rocky Meowtain Foster Home

Samantha, aged 12

Gender: Female
Colour: Tuxedo
Birthday: May 2007
Intake Day: June 2nd, 2019
Special Needs: Long-haired; needs to be brushed daily!

Sam is a cuddly talker who loves to lay on you! She co-exists with the other cats in the Foster Home, but would much prefer to be the only cat so that all of the attention can be focused on her. She absolutely loves people and will follow you around, making sure your ankles stay warm with copious rubs. She likes to look out the window and survey the neighbourhood.

Simba, age 11

Gender: Male
Colour: Ginger Tabby with White
Birthday: September 2008
Intake Day: June 2nd, 2019
Special Needs: Simba is blind. He needs a home quieter home where he will be the only cat and where things in his environment like furniture won’t be moved around frequently.

Simba is a snugglepuss who just wants to lay on your chest. It takes him a little longer to warm up, but once he does he will reward you with his lion’s purr. He spends most of his days snoozing on the guest room bed, and comes out in the evening to snuggle. He is blind but navigates his environment so well you’d be surprised.

If you are interested in adopting a cat, please e-mail

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