We are cat enthusiasts who offer cat-sitting services.
We also provide cat behaviour support, foster care and adoption.

Cat-Sitting Services

Depending on your location in the city, we can visit your cat in their home once or twice per day.
We offer a selection of services based on your cats’ needs. Options include feeding, scooping, playing, petting, brushing, leash-walks, and more! Update photos are always provided.

Appointments for the month of January, 2020, are $20 for up to 30 minute visit.

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  1. Hi there,

    We will be looking for cat sitting services for an extended period of time during July and August (4 to 5 weeks) for our 2 cats. We live in Sundance. How much would you charge for 2 visits per day?



    1. Hello Angela! Thanks for checking out Rocky Meowtain Cats! I actually have a Sundance discount, because I live in Sundance as well! It would be $10/day (regularly $20) for two visits. Let me know if you’d like to chat at all or had any other questions! I can be reached at +15872279572!


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